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    We are a European Human Cloud on a mission to accelerate global digital transformation by matching companies with Software Engineers and Vendors with domain-specific knowledge and experience.

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    Quadrra is a great partner for us, helping us to innovate and create new solutions for our customers. In these challenging times, agility makes a huge difference. We highly appreciate Quadrra’s responsiveness in strengthening our remote teams. Harnessing the technical skills and expertise of Quadrra's consultants with those of our team allows us to move faster and deliver more.
    Sébastien Noir
    Head of Software Engineering at the European Broadcasting Union
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    Hire experts with domain-specific Technology and Experience

    Whether that’s based on scientific studies, real life experience or simply common sense – skilled and experienced people are the people that get jobs done faster and better. Quadrra is here to boost your business with best experts coming with the knowledge in technology and experience in your specific domain.

    Less mismatch + less learning curve = better results. That’s our formula.

    I need to admit at first I've been slightly hesitant to work with overseas Engineers on my clients' projects here in North America. Almost immediately, I realized how extraordinary experience I'm having thanks to Quadrra. I would never be able to build truly a dream team of such top-notch, domain-specific and reliable Engineers without them.
    Devin Gyug
    Managing Director of
    Talent Pool

    Build your Dream Team with experts that Match

    Source your domain-specific professionals from the Europe – wide pool of Top Software Engineers and Vendors. No matter which technology or type of the project – we got you covered.

    Two days after the first contact, we’ve already been matched with 6 profiles of Senior Magento Engineers that came with just the right background we were seeking. Getting there would normally take us 3 - 5 months. That itself was impressive!
    Tomasz Ciapala
    CEO & Founder at
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